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"Discovering a refuge where tradition and modernity blend harmoniously: the Hotel Nazareth Residence is your corner of paradise in the heart of Viterbo, where every detail is designed to offer you not just a stay, but a unique experience. Here, the essence of a B&B combines with the exclusive freedom of a private residence, creating a space where comfort, independence and personalized services meet.From waking up with a sweet and savory breakfast to moments of relaxation in our centuries-old park, from reflection in the quiet of our church to socializing in the common rooms, every moment at the Nazareth Residence is an invitation to live your stay according to your rhythms and desires. With the privilege of private parking in the heart of the historic center and the flexibility of independent access at all hours, the Nazareth Residence awaits you to offer you not only a holiday, but an unparalleled stay experience

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