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                                                           Organization of religious workshops.

  • We put at your disposal a welcoming structure in a place of great historical and spiritual value.

Our features:

  • Church of about 120 seats: We offer a sacred space where it is possible to celebrate masses, liturgies and moments of prayer, immersing yourself in the historical and spiritual richness of Viterbo.

  • 2 meeting rooms: Ideal environments for conferences, seminars and debates, where participants can share ideas and deepen their religious knowledge, in the fascinating context of a city rich in history and culture.

  • Chapel for 30 seats: An intimate space for prayer and personal reflection, where one can perceive the spiritual heritage of the popes who walked the streets of Viterbo.

  • 47 en-suite bedrooms: Stay comfortably in our welcoming rooms, equipped with all the necessary comforts for a pleasant and relaxing stay, in the heart of a city imbued with religious significance.

  • Canteen with 120 seats: Enjoy our delicious meals in a convivial atmosphere, creating moments of sharing and communion among the participants, in the historical context of Viterbo, a city that hosted popes in the past.

  • Park of about 4,000 m2: An oasis of tranquility and beauty, perfect for moments of meditation, walks or outdoor activities, surrounded by the aura of Viterbo, the ancient city of the popes.

Our religious workshops:

  • We offer a wide range of religious workshops, created to promote spiritual knowledge and deepening of faiths, in the context of Viterbo, a city steeped in spirituality and religious history.

  • Possible topics include: Christian spirituality, meditation and prayer, theology, church history, life and teachings of saints, spiritual discernment and much more, rooted in the religious tradition of Viterbo.

  • The workshops can be customized according to the needs of the participants, with the possibility of scheduling plenary sessions, working groups and moments of sharing, enriched by the magic of a city that has left an indelible mark on the history of the Church.

  • Our structure welcomes groups from all over the world, offering a multicultural environment in which to learn and exchange ideas, enriching ourselves with the cultural diversity that has characterized Viterbo, a city of ecumenical meetings and interreligious dialogue.


  • Choose the Hotel Residenza Nazareth to organize your religious workshops and live a unique spiritual experience in the heart of Viterbo, the ancient city of the popes.

  • Enjoy the beauty of a charming historic centre, the comfort of our facilities and the serene atmosphere conducive to spiritual growth, immersing yourself in the religious history of a city imbued with meaning.

  • Contact us today to plan your religious workshop at the Hotel Residenza Nazareth and live an unforgettable experience in Viterbo, the city that has hosted popes over the centuries.

religious workshops
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