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Film acting workshop: The body, mind and soul.

The workshop, spread over three days of eight hours each, aims to develop the actor's empathic process and help him enter the emotionality of a character, while at the same time acquiring a knowledge of the technique of film acting.


Simona Tartaglia: assistant director, second unit director, casting director, film acting teacher. (IMDB)

Knowledge of the actor's relationship with the camera, interaction with other actors, differences between theater and film acting

Dr. Carla Bucci: psychotherapist and clinical psychologist specialized in systemic family relational psychology. (Linkedin)

Work aimed at grasping, through the interactive observation of the subjects of the group, blocks and emotional cages and trying together to make one's expressive self fluid and free.

Dr. Ponzio MM Marilena: Graduated in Motor Sciences, Haelthy Habits Trainer specialized in wellness programs, Psychomotricist, Personal Trainer with a psychomotor research approach. (Linkedin)

Perceptual-motor experiences to experience oneself, promote awareness of the potential of one's body as a means of communication. Proxemics, space management and interaction with others.

the WorkShop is also aimed at beginner students

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